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Here at WinterWonderGrass, sustainability is one of our main pillars of operation. We truly love each and every unique environment we get to call home throughout the year, and the undeniable natural beauty that surrounds the festival is something we feel strongly about protecting. We take the “leave no trace” mentality seriously!

That’s why we’re so excited to announce that this coming year, for the first time, WinterWonderGrass will be completely single-use plastic free across all three stops! That’s huge! And something we’ve worked tirelessly over the years to deliver.

“Growing up surfing and skiing, luckily, I have always had a deep reverence for the health of our planet. Seeing the ocean pollution, mismanaged waste, and garbage situations on my travels made me want to become a leader in this space,” festival founder Scotty Stoughton recently shared with CO YOGA + Life for an upcoming story in their December issue. “Since day one, my entire team has been working to become the leaders, not only with the management of our consumption but in spreading information. Fortunately, we linked up year one in Tahoe with Marina McCoy, who has built a business around innovative and bold environmental initiatives, and she pushes us each year to walk the talk.”

In partnership with Marina McCoy’s Waste-Free Earth, WinterWonderGrass has systematically improved the festival’s sustainability over the last five years. We are now proud to say we hold our vendors and sponsors to a strict standard where we discourage the use of flyers, stickers, koozies and other disposable promotion materials. Additionally, Waste-Free Earth works directly with our vendors to ensure they are successful as they strive for sustainability by offering audits, consultations on where they can improve their waste reduction and resources to procure the items needed to serve our community.

Our artists also follow suit and set the reigning example–the WinterWonderGrass stage is proudly plastic-free.

“Throwing a ‘sustainable event’ is not just about adhering to a high diversion rate number anymore,” Marina shared on the topic. “Throwing a sustainable event also includes engaging with the crowd and coming up with sustainability-focused activities that invite attendees to take part in while they are at the event. But our hope goes beyond that–we hope we teach them something to take home with them and creating change within their local community.”

Additionally, attendees are given reusable metal cups for their beverages, and sustainability team members are staffed around the grounds to help people in real-time when it comes to deciding what belongs in composting, recycling or garbage. But something that makes the WinterWonderGrass community so great already is their shared love of the outdoors. You all make it easy!