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It’s Time
To Act


We rarely catch up with our community outside the winter season, but we wish to have a clear and unified voice on one of the most important challenges facing us in this lifetime—seeking and achieving real equality. Our goal is to act, not react, and so we’ve spent this week listening, reading, and talking to those both inside and outside our community.

We can, and must, do better!

Lately, I have been able to spend considerable time in nature, away from the breaking news cycles and social media deluge. I have been working through my own struggles with all their peaks and valleys, seeking stillness to clearly contemplate my role, and furthermore, our organization’s role to tackle challenges currently facing humanity. But one thing that requires no contemplation is that the systematic, cruel, and depersonalizing history of the subjugation of People Of Color in our country has and continues to be a crime against humanity. I firmly believe actions are the true needs now, and that deep, long-lasting conversations, ideas, solutions, and opportunities today, tomorrow, and for the rest of our lives are essential.

WinterWonderGrass, Campout for the Cause and all Bonfire events have always sought to be diverse and welcoming for all races, cultures, and genders— but we can do more, and we pledge to do more. Our community has been engaging in discussion and deepening our own understandings of racism, the roots, and the systems in place perpetuating it, and the paths we can conceive to healing. We believe it is time to be uncomfortable, to empathize with our BIPOC friends, and look within to educate and better ourselves.

Over the next month, we will be solidifying our plan to act, including:

  • Exploring, supporting and booking BIPOC roots and bluegrass artists
  • Deepening relationships in our local communities and reaching out to marginalized  families
  • Building bridges with youth programs in the BIPOC community and offering WWG and experiences
  • Tasking our team with further personal education on inequality and systemic racism
  • Creating a platform with the intention of exploring the uncomfortable conversations within the community
  • Heightening our awareness

I personally believe that meaningful change comes from within our own hearts, and as an event organizer, I have a desire to inspire you all to evolve this journey together. I welcome open, constructive, and positive feedback, and I acknowledge that I personally have broad spiritual work and my own continued education ahead of me.

With Love and Respect,