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Della Mae first joined our family during Steamboat 2019! We were so enthralled, we wanted to welcome them back to all three stops this season. The GRAMMY-nominated, all-female ensemble welcomes a new record, Headlight, in January 2020, but in the meantime, you can listen to their recent EP, The Butcher Shoppee, as you read on.

1. We’re so excited to welcome you on multiple festival lineups this year! In your opinion, what is it that makes WinterWonderGrass so special and why do you think all the acts try to return each year?

Winter wonder grass is so special in part because it is a beautiful marriage between the outdoors, music and community. There is a feast for each—stunning views, outdoor activities, delicious brews, incredible music and thousands of lovely humans. It is certainly a whole body experience and one that we will love three times in 2020!

2. How will you prep for each of the locations and will your setlists be inspired, in part, by your unique surroundings?

Our set lists aren’t inspired so much by the surroundings in nature as the people who surround us. You never know who we’ll ask to sit-in or what fun song we’ll pull from the archives! We love collaborating onstage, it heightens the whole experience!

3. Have you visited either of these upcoming locations, either as part of WWG or during a tour, for fun, etc.? What makes each place unique in your eyes?

We played WWG Steamboat last year and it was blue skies and great skiing. Celia Woodsmith (our lead singer) grew up in Vermont and knows Stratton well.

Kimber is very inspired by studying the terrain maps and planning first chair excursions with new friends. I’m sure a few fiddle tunes will come out of these snowy adventures.

4. Take a peek at who else is on your same bills. Who are you most excited to see perform at the festival? What collaborations do you anticipate (either your own or others)?

We can’t WAIT to get in on WinterWonderWomen. Bridget and Kimber have been fiddle friends since they were very small people, so expect some jams there. Each lineup feels like a list of our buddies. It’s going to be fun. We love jamming with Lindsay Lou, Molly Tuttle, the Travelers, and we recently did a collaboration with War & Treaty. As a side note, we love that WWG pays attention to gender parity.

5. Sustainability is HUGE for the WWG community. What practices do you adopt in your daily life to help curb your environmental impact?

As a band, we are aware of how much trash we can accumulate on the road. We’ve taken several steps to try and limit our impact on the environment. One of these steps is including in our rider that we don’t use bottled water, that we need real plates and cutlery backstage and that we don’t want food that comes wrapped up in a plastic clamshell (think veggie trays). We all carry reusable cutlery, water bottles and food containers with us to try and lessen our impact. It is important, though these little things don’t seem like much, that we keep pushing forward with small changes. Together we can make a difference in our environment, especially if we get politicians to listen!!

6. Other than your performance at WWG, what else is coming up on your docket between now and then? In 2020?

Della Mae is releasing a new album called Headlight in January 2020. We are super pumped to get new music into the world! We’ve been thinking and writing a lot about our vulnerabilities and strengths as women musicians. Not only that, but reflecting upon current society and how it is changing.

We have a lot of festival lineups and travels planned and can’t wait to see some of our WWG family at each stop!