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We couldn’t be more excited to welcome Damn Tall Buildings to the WinterWonderGrass family this season! What started as a quartet of student buskers on the streets of Boston has become a full-fledged touring powerhouse, now residing in Brooklyn, NY. We caught up with fiddelist Avery “Montana” Ballotta and guitarist Max Capistran about their upcoming Live from Pete’s series, what sustainability practices they embody on the road, and why they can’t wait to join us in April for Sugar & Strings!

1. As a new artist on the bill, can you share why you’re excited to participate in our community this year? What have you heard about the festival that has you eager to play?

Avery Ballotta: The sense of community surrounding WWG is no secret! We’ve heard nothing but great things & we’re excited to jump in and commune with the trees and the people alike. Mindfulness seems to be ringing as a thread among the three fests and we’re lookin’ forward to being a part of every moment up in Stratton.2. Take a peek at who else is on your same bill. Who are you most excited to see perform at the festival? What collaborations do you anticipate (either your own or others)?

AB: We are definitely stoked to see Molly Tuttle and Della Mae. Beyond being badass humans, their extra-human musicianship is constantly inspiring. The Twisted Pine crew is family to us so there’s sure to be collaboration afoot. Vermont is consistently inspirational and we’re sure WWG will be a catalyst for a wide range of music sharing.

3. Sustainability is HUGE for the WWG community. What practices do you adopt in your daily life to help curb your environmental impact?

AB: THIS IS GOOD. We all use reusable water bottles on the daily and are avid public transportation users. We also never shower on tour. Just kidding, but we’ve been a lot better about buying groceries and USING what we bring while on the road. We’re always open to new sustainability practices and can’t wait to learn more while we’re up at Sugar & Strings.

4. Other than your performance at WWG, what else is coming up on your docket between now and then? In 2020?
Max Capistran: We have one last hometown show of the year at Sony Hall on November 21 with Carbon Leaf that we are really looking forward to. We’re also kicking off the new year in mid-January down in New Orleans for Folk Alliance, followed by a southeast tour. Internet-wise, over the remaining weeks of 2019 we will be putting out live videos from a full set at Pete’s Candy Store in Brooklyn, as well as a music video for one of our favorites off of our 2019 release, “Don’t Look Down.” And we are stoked to be kicking off the 2020 festival season with WWG up in Stratton!