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Mama Magnolia

A funky, WinterWonderGrass newcomer, Mama Magnolia unites musicians of different styles and sensibilities. It’s the magnetic force that pulls together genres and makes the music connect cerebrally, spiritually, and physically. The Denver 6-piece – Megan Letts (lead vocals, keys), Thomas Jennings (guitar), Zachary Jackson (bass, vocals), Jackson Hillmer (drums), Carrie McCune (trumpet, vocals), and Alex Cazet (Saxophone) – would be just as at home in a NYC jazz dive, as they would be on forested festival grounds.

The single “Half His Heart” opens up the world of Mama Magnolia. “Lyrically it’s about discovering the good in people even when they don’t seem like good people,” [Megan] explains. “Half of your heart is being told to be a certain way, but you still have that pure serenity somewhere inside you.”